Fuco Ueda’s “Kioku No Hana.

Opening this Saturday at Thinkspace Gallery is the very much anticipated solo show of Japanese artist Fuco Ueda entitled “Kioku No Hana.” (Flower of Memory.)  The brilliantly colored paintings are strongly focused towards the Chrysanthemum flower and it’s symbolic meaning of grief and sadness in Japan.  The hyper-colored paintings thus become enigmas for where they might exist: within the physical world or the supernatural?  You can see more of Ueda’s beautiful work from the show below: 

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The ‘yes or no’ game.

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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Saw my all time favourite dress. Great opportunity to shoot some close-ups!

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Just a compilation of some new and some old black and white nature shots. From my archive.



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