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Writing Prompts for Couples of Characters


1. What do they like to talk about?
2. What don’t they talk about?
3. What have each of them given up for each other?
4. What compromises have they made with each other?
5. Do each of them know how the other takes their tea/coffee/other?
6. How much do they trust each other?
7. In what ways do they prefer to show affection for each other?
8. Do either have habits that annoy the other?
9. What habits does each find endearing in each other?
10. What is the division of power like in the relationship?

> Firsts
11. How did they meet?
12. When did they realize that they were interested in each other?
13. How did their first kiss go?
14. What was their first fight about?
15. How was their first time having sex?
16. When did they first tell each other that they loved them?

> Lasts
17. What was their last phone call (text/letter/insert applicable) about?
18. What was the last lie each of them told the other?
19. When was the last time either slept alone?
20. Where did they last have dinner together (and what did they eat)?
21. Will this be the last relationship each of them has?
22. What will their last words to each other be?

> Describe or Draw
23. Each of the pair from the other’s point of view
24. A hug between them
25. A kiss between them
26. One borrowing the other’s clothes
27. The pair entertaining themselves on a rainy day
28. One caring for the other when they are injured/sick
29. One cooking for the other

> Miscellaneous
30. How would the pair fare in a post-apocalyptic setting?
31. If they were a fruit or vegetable, which fruit or vegetable would each of them be?
32. How quickly, and through what means, would each be able to tell if an imposter had replaced the other?
33. How well would the couple do as a team in a bar fight?
34. Who buys the milk when they run out?
35. If one was abducted, how would the other respond, and how capable of organizing a rescue would they be?
36. Who handles spiders?

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